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Monday, June 26, 2006

Yo, Come Help a Warrior Queen in Purple TX-21

Gentle readers and casual passers by, I need your help to turn my purple congressional district a bluer shade of violet. Texans have a champion they don't know about yet. We need to get the word out. John Courage is running to unseat Bacardi Lamar Smith.

I had a busy weekend (though not as busy as John Courage and his hard working staff). If you're close by the district, drop in and see if you can give his volunteer coordinator, Teri a hand.

Join me and get chance to flip the Tx GOP the bird. Come on, you know you want to.

First of all, Saturday in Austin, and Sunday in San Antonio (the two biggest cities in TX21) there were volunteer trainings.

I saw a room full of ordinary Texans with passion to change their congressional district, their state, and from there our nation. Hesitant at first, these folks, whether young, middle-aged, or Greatest Generation found their voices, and found their courage. Now, we're going to go out to our friends and neighbors to tell them they have a choice.

They don't have to settle for bad government that has one hand in their wallet and one eye peeking in their bedrooms.

They can send John Courage to Congress, and lord knows, Congress needs Courage.

Speaking of Courage, have you voted for MapChangers yet? If not, please consider John high on the list. Because his campaign is coordinating with all the downticket races in the district, that $5000 will have maximum impact in a purplish district of Texas.

Saw some of those folks at the Austin Kossacks meet up at Texas Chili Parlor on Sunday, where we talked about YearlyKos, our candidates, and our commitment to not just blog our convictions but act on them. Fine group of people to while away an afternoon with plotting the restoration of democracy. And sooooooo good looking, too.

I don't doubt you'll be hearing more about what they're doing to change Texas.

Then, on to a fundraiser for John Courage. This was the first time I'd actually met the candidate, though I've been on conference calls with him, and exchanged an email or two.

Ladies and gentleman, this candidate is the real deal.

He's a veteran, and a special education teacher who runs into the limitations of our unfunded educational mandates every day of his professional life. He's well-spoken and passionate. A genuine populist who's put himself on the line to stand up for the veterans, families, and future of TX-21.

He's the kind of opponent Lamar Smith dreads.

Polling shows that Lamar is amazingly weak for an 20-year incumbent. Though Lamar probably had an inkling even without the polling.

Back in September, right after Katrina and Rita came to visit, a few constituents politely took him out behind the woodshed during his town hall.

At this point, a man with silver hair stood up. "Representative Smith," he said firmly, "I have been a Republican since the early 1960's." Oh, no, I thought, here it comes - shill time. This guy had to be part of the crowd called in by the Travis County Republican Party this morning to give Smith some cover.

"I pay a lot for taxes," he continued, "and I consider it a social investment. I am outraged! When this catastrophe hit, the president's response was that we should 'give to private charity.' I am outraged that this party can't support our country. We can't deal with our own self-defense. You need to fire Chertoff and these FEMA clowns. What are you doing with our tax dollars?!"

At this point, the audience broke into applause.

That had to leave a mark.

I don't think he's had a town hall back here since, though he did do a nervous impression of an environmental advocate complete with (I kid you not) a solar powered daisy in front of Austin City Hall. He was met by the Courage Truth Squad, and they turned Lamar's event into their story. They have the media coverage to prove it.

These people are fighters. They are champions.

I know how Kossacks love their polling results, so here's a little taste.

Only 31% of those polled would return him to Washington today. We just need to let them know they have a real alternative in John Courage.

Someone at last night's fundraiser asked what the major obstacle was to defeat Lamar Smith. John was forthright.


That's where you come in.

Donate to Team Courage. We're coming up on the quarter's end reporting, so it's important to make as strong a showing as possible. Ironically, funding begets more funding.

Make John Courage a Map Changer.

Help a warrior queen with a worthy champion out. I've been itching to send Bacardi Lamar home to his Cape Cod mansion in retirement ever since the TX GOP Gerrymandering Boondoggle of '03 dragged me out of Lloyd Doggett's district and under the representation of a congresscritter who thinks more of Mickey Mouse than he does of our veterans and their families, or our healthcare crisis, or our college students.

Yep, I said Cape Cod, even if he's got a legal address in Texas. It's like Ricky Santorum with a Texas twang and not quite as shiny hair.

I know many of you blame Texas for the predicament America is in right now. Inasmuch as the rot started here, we have true Yellow Dog Democrats who are working hard to rid ourselves of every bit of it.

Including Lamar Smith.

Please, help us turn TX-21 a bluer shade of violet.

Donate to Team Courage.

Make John Courage a Map Changer.

Come on, Lamar, smile for the birdie.


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