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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Benefits of the National Netroots Spotlight for Courage

The national Netroots page, administered by Chris Bowers of MyDD, selected John Courage as one of their National Netroots candidates earlier this summer. (See the fantastic profile by Glenn Smith on DKos.)

And that attention is paying off. The August fundraiser for ALL the candidates selected for the list is on right now, and they've already blown past the initial goals they set.

Here's the tally for Team Courage for just this fundraiser at this posting:

Candidate District 8/20 Donors 8/23 Donors New Donors in Past 24hrs. New Donors Since 8/20
John Courage TX-21 415 566 55 151

This fight in a long overlooked corner of Texas has been generating other national coverage as well. One of my very favorite writers ever, Meteor Blades of Dkos and The Next Hurrah, wrote about a fantastic podcast, The Gori Details. (I can't believe I missed this, but many thanks to TXSharon over at TexasKaos for picking up my slack.

And the edition he used to introduce it was the interview host Kathy Gori recently did with John Courage.

The podcast is available here.


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