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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Round Up of TX-21 Activity

Lots of doings since my last post. Here's a quick whip round of the highlights. Feel free to chime in with any I've missed:

  • TX-21 was remapped by the Fed Court. Details of the plan at BOR. Lamar Smith no doubt breathed a sigh of relief to get rid of that chunk of Blue Travis County that was giving him fits.
  • Besides making TX-21 redder, this remapping also negated the primaries already run. It's now a Special election.
  • Which means hobbyist politician Gene Kelley is free to file, and apparently already has. Kelley's an odd duck, who seems to never have a problem forking out the filing fee (wonder where that money comes from) but can't be arsed to campaign or anything else you'd expect of someone running for an office he actually wants to fill. Guess he just likes to see his name on the ballot. Gene, couldn't you look into model trains or something?
  • This also means that Democratic primary winner John Courage is collecting signatures to get on the ballot. If you don't know whether you're still in TX-21 or not, give the campaign office a call at (512) 637-0855, and they'll look you up.
  • The race is tougher for a Dem to win now, but Team Courage has regrouped and is ready for the fight. John Courage vowed to give Lamar Smith the race of his life, even if he had to chase him all across Texas.
  • Team Courage recently released an ad, 18,000 Promises which is available on YouTube and being discussed on national blogging sites like Firedoglake.
  • Also, while Courage came up just short in the Mapchangers contest, the strong showing of Texas candidates (including Chris Bell for Governor) yielded help in developing an online organizing site, True Blue Action, that should help all the Texas candidates this year. Check it out.
  • The adventures of the Courage Truth Squad continue in Boerne, but Lamar Smith's not interested-even at a "public meeting" for Tx-21 residents. Well, you can't really blame him for that. When Lamar has an actual meeting with the public, it doesn't go so well for Lamar.
More news to come. Gotta jet now.

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