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Friday, June 30, 2006

Great News and End of 2nd Quarter Finance NAG!!!

Update: Glenn Smith's writeup on John is now posted over at Dkos as well.

Things are really heating up for Team Courage. John made it into the next round of the Mapchangers Contest, as did Gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell. We almost had a hat trick, but a last minute surge from those pesky Coloradans and Californians slipped Barbara Radnofsky just under the cutoff point.

Many thanks to all who supported the Texas Ticket in this contest. We're really showing them what Texans are made of-and it's not designer brush wranglers and Delay sockpuppets.

More good news for Team Courage is that the national netroots page now includes JOHN COURAGE!

The combined efforts of a strong candidate, a dedicated campaign team, and fired up texblogistan made this possible. Thank you all, once again.

Now, on to the next challenge.

This is it, people. June 30 is the cutoff for fundraising reports for the last quarter.

If you're supporting any candidates financially, help them make a good showing on this report. As Chris Bowers explains:

These are the final days where fundraising totals matter to the overall narrative. The Q2 fundraising deadline ends at midnight on Friday. ...The next quarter will end on September 30th, and the reports on that quarter won't be out until mid-October. Buy then, all targeting and media attention will already be in place. That makes this the final deadline where totals will signal to the media and to the political establishment that a candidate is for real. To make that national difference, you need to donate now.

Whether you have $5 to send to one candidate or $5000 to divvy out amongst your favorites, please get that money to them by midnight.

It'll make a world of difference right here in Texas.


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