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Devoted to discussion about the 21st Congressional District of Texas. Currently occupied by Congressman Lamar Smith (R).

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lamar Smith on Judicial Activisim

The Liberal Lone Ranger was kind enough to crosspost this in a comment. If you're a progressive and have any questions that Lamar Smith doesn't represent your values, go take a gander at the whole thing. And if you've a really strong stomach, hazard a look at the full text of the speech.

I particularly like this point LLR makes:
Mr. Smith apparently doesn't understand what Baptists have understood since before Thomas Jefferson's letter to Connecticut -- it is wrong for the power of the government, in any form, at any level, to be used to force a religious view on the people. One only has to apply the "walk a mile in another's shoes" test to see the problem: What if all of the teachers in a San Antonio public school were Muslim and had the authority to require students to pray to Allah five times a day? What if Hindus became the majority in Congress and changed the Pledge of Allegiance to be "under Vishnu"?

Has an interesting ring to it, "under Vishnu". Though, as a Buddhist, I'd still be considering it metaphor rather than theological....


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