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Devoted to discussion about the 21st Congressional District of Texas. Currently occupied by Congressman Lamar Smith (R).

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Everybody wants to be a playa in TX-21

The Austin American Statesman reports that the slate of candidates in TX-21 is complete:

District 21

Currently represented by San Antonio Republican Lamar Smith. Redrawn to include less of Travis County and more of the Hill Country.

•Tommy Calvert, I, consultant, San Antonio

•John Courage, D, teacher, San Antonio

•Gene Kelly, D, retired Air Force, Universal City

•James Lyle Peterson, I, computer programmer, Austin

•Mark J. Rossano, I, automotive management, Austin

•Lamar Smith, R, U.S. representative, San Antonio

•James Arthur Strohm, L, technical writer, Austin

So, I guess Rhett Smith decided to let fellow perennial hobby Gene Kelly have this one.

Between the governor's race and the special congressional elections, the Indies practically have enough candidates to form a party themselves.

If they could come to even the broadest agreement about issues.

Calvert is a well respected San Antonio activist known for his anti-slavery work. (And yes, slavery does shamefully exist still in the 21st century).

Patterson is an Austin computer programmer who's taking the unconventional approach of using his personal home page as his campaign website, telling people not to send him money, but do their own things to support his candidacy. I hope he has a large family in the district. Otherwise, I don't see many votes coming his way.

Mark Rossano doesn't have a web presence at all at this date. Perhaps he is relying on the mind control machine he's building in his garage for his GOTV effort.*

*Yes, this is snark. The mind control prototype hasn't been tested on humans yet, though the lemmings have provided several successful trials.


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